Any day that Charly can step foot on a stage to perform is a good day!  Whether she’s singing her own original music or familiar standards, the songbird happily lends her versatile voice to spread passionate, raw, and authentic emotions throughout the world.  Catch her in action with the following musical endeavors: 

Charly Lowry

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Photo by Ron Yorgason. Washington DC. 2015

Performance Schedule for Dark Water Rising (

Formed in 2008, Dark Water Rising is a Native American Music Award-Winning band with a sound lovingly described by fans as “spiritual rock and soul”. As lead singer, Charly helped to form the band in 2008 after she and 5 of her childhood friends decided to pick up electric instruments and learn them with no formal training. Appearances on NPR’s “The Story” and “All Things Considered”, performances at the Smithsonian’s National Museum for the American Indian, and performing at least 90 shows annually along the eastern US has helped Dark Water Rising gain local and regional attention on the independent music scene.

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Pura Fe and the Ulali Project

The Ulali Project (

The Ulali Project made their debut in April 2014 at the River People Music Festival. Since then, the group has performed across the United States from New Mexico to the People’s Climate March in New York City. They perform familiar Ulali songs as well as new material, like the anthem, Idle No More. The quartet is currently made up of Ulali founders, Pura Fe’ and Jennifer Kreisberg, and new additions, Charly Lowry and Layla Locklear.


Charly Lowry & Eddie Roberts. Jam Cruise 2016. Photo by Michael Allen.

The New Mastersounds (

“It was the same thing with [singer and album guest] Charly Lowry. She and I met two years ago doing Everyone Orchestra in the Carolinas, and the first note that came out of her mouth, I was like, oh, wow, hello. I’ve had her guest with The Mastersounds a few times, but I really wanted to get some recording done with her so we invited her down. She was really ill that week, but she powered through a really damp and cold period in New Orleans. “Enough Is Enough” is her with her flu — it gave a bit of roughness to her voice that I actually really liked. Her other two songs we did end up overdubbing when she was feeling better.”

-Eddie Roberts